Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents,
It is no exaggeration or rhetoric when a school claims, that parents have a role to play in the Education of their children.
The school, the home and the student, must so work, that the priority is the child’s education.
What I must do, is to invite you to visit us. We shall take you around, so that seeing, you may believe.
Daily I watch, elated and drawn to the fact that our staff members have, “Endeavour and Determination” and a never say “can’t” attitude. These are the components of the alchemy that engenders success.
Our staff makes sure, that every where we go, our children are collectively, a force to reckon with .
Our aim, if you haven’t already worked it out, is to produce smart, knowledgeable teenagers, with a personality, poise and a sane line of priorities.
We would like our students, to be distinguishable from others (in a good way of course), that in time to come, when we form our ’Alumni”, we can count on our own students, to help our school to move from strength to strength.
“Parents” and guardians, we, (you and the School) must see “Eye to Eye” if men of Honour and of Renown are to be moulded at St. Michael’s.
See you soon.
Allan John Samuel