Letter from the director

To discover creative thought and action as a way of life, to learn how things are really done in the field of one’s interest, how science works in our daily lives, how technology is applied to things, how history illuminates the past, these are all part of the ingredients of St. Michael’s School education.
They will learn how to tune and merge the brain & heart in search for new knowledge – with faculty and other students. They can set pace for themselves, combining classwork, opportunities, and independent study with a multi personal interests and co-curricular activities. And in the process, they shall grow and mature, becoming individuals with experience and knowledge to shape their own destinies.

I consider knowledge as a dynamic force in human affairs rather than a historical monument and as such students here will learn to question, analyse, understand and build upon a body of knowledge. It is an intensely personal education and one which I do believe will produce generation of scholars, scientists, and professionals capable of making fundamental contribution to their fields.

So, Welcome to St. Michael’s School. I will be happy to have your family be part of our school and add to its lustre.

Mr. S. Chakravarti


Welcome to St. Michael’s …the virtual way!! No stone has been left unturned, to make our website as comprehensive, enabling our online visitors, to have a sneak peek into everything ‘St. Michael’s’. With a user friendly interface, all information sought, is a click away.
With a humble beginning with 50 boarders, since its inception in 1999, St. Michael’s has grown in leaps and bounds to reach the pinnacle of imparting wholesome and value based education. Blessed with a Management of more than five decades of educational expertise and a tenured faculty, in a short span of 14 years, our accomplishments in academics or otherwise, has put us amongst the elite schools in India. With numerous laurels and accolades under our belt, accredited by various rating authorities, St. Michael’s has epitomized an ideal boarding school. Our quest for excellence in all spheres of student development propels St. Michael’s to where it stands today.
I am certain your virtual visit will translate into you visiting us in person, to forge ahead an association in whatever capacity need be.

Mr. Robin Chakravarti
Deputy Director

Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents,
It is no exaggeration or rhetoric when a school claims, that parents have a role to play in the Education of their children.
The school, the home and the student, must so work, that the priority is the child’s education.
What I must do, is to invite you to visit us. We shall take you around, so that seeing, you may believe.
Daily I watch, elated and drawn to the fact that our staff members have, “Endeavour and Determination” and a never say “can’t” attitude. These are the components of the alchemy that engenders success.
Our staff makes sure, that every where we go, our children are collectively, a force to reckon with .
Our aim, if you haven’t already worked it out, is to produce smart, knowledgeable teenagers, with a personality, poise and a sane line of priorities.
We would like our students, to be distinguishable from others (in a good way of course), that in time to come, when we form our ’Alumni”, we can count on our own students, to help our school to move from strength to strength.
“Parents” and guardians, we, (you and the School) must see “Eye to Eye” if men of Honour and of Renown are to be moulded at St. Michael’s.
See you soon.

Allan John Samuel