All students, on any occasion of leaving the campus and on return to school should wear uniform.
Uniforms, games kit and “extras”, must be ordered at the tailor’s , in the hire of the school.
Boarders should avail of a list of requirements and should purchase what is specified.
Meals are both “Vegetarian” and “non-vegetarian”, and will be served to the students as per request from the parents on the admission form.
No jewelry, expensive gadgets, mobile phones or any money should be in the child’s possession while in the boarding.
No child should be in possession of any medicines or any tonic without any prior permission from the School Authority.
“Food Stuff” in the way of snacks and sweets are not permitted in the dormitory or in the class room.
Games and sports are compulsory for all students unless the child is exempted on the plea of a medical certificate from a licensed physician which should state the period of exemption. Games and sports may be suspended as per the discretion of the school.
Change of detail on any official form, may be made only by the parents and as soon as necessary. Local guardians may not make these changes.
The Principal and the Management reserve the right to issue a “Transfer Certificate” to any student who is found involved in any action of gross misconduct.
A dim view will be taken of any parents’ attitude if dates and deadline given concerning holidays, are not adhered to.
We expect that you will give the school rules and schedule , priority over your personal family celebration and outings.
Day boarders are subject to school rules where applicable just as boarders are.
After school, day-boarders are expected to leave the campus in school uniforms.
No self ridden or self driven vehicles by students may be used to commute to and from school.
No boarder will be permitted to leave the campus for holidays or any other outing with friends, neighbours or other school parents or relatives without previous arrangements with the school, which arrangement includes a letter of authority duly signed by the parents with attested signature of the substitute.
In case of clarification of any of the aforesaid rules please make an appointment with the officer in charge well in advance over the telephone.
Parents please refrain from expecting leave for boarders on sudden approach. The standing rule, is that, permission shall not be granted. In case of a dire situation, an exeat may be sought for, by parents, which request should be in writing and duly signed by the child’s “parent” only.
As is inevitable in all schools. “Games time” is prone to occasional accident sometimes causing injury. We assume, upon your permitting your child to participate, that you will shoulder the “onus” in the off chance of an any eventuality. Notwithstanding, the School medical unit is always present and alert, ready to administer first aid, and if necessary to arrange further medical aid, and to duly inform you.