Science Seminar

the 9th August, 2011 the Birla Industrial & Technological Museaum
commonly known as the science seminar, 2011 where 17 schools had taken
part. Master Gaurav Rathi under the guidance of Mr. Bishal Chettri had
represented St. Michael’s School and obtained the 3rd position. The
topic was “Chemistry for human welfare” – Promises & Concerns.


8th August, 2012 St. Michael’s school participated in the students’
science seminar 2012 held at the North Bengal Centre jointly organized
by Department of Youth Service, Govt. of West Bengaland Birla Ildustrial
and technological Museum and the topic for the seminar was Mathematics
in India – Past, Present and Future. Our school was represented by
Pratiksha Kanodia of Class 10, who had been traind by Mr. Bishal
Chettri. A total of 21 schools from Darjeeling district participated in
the event and our school stood 2nd, with a number of praises by the
judges for the day.