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Admission Process

Admission to the academic session 2018-2019 opens on September 12, 2017.


Admission is open for classes Nursery to 7 only.


Information and documents pertaining to the admission process may be collected from the school office, on and after the above specified date.


The selection process will be held on December 3, 2017 from 9:30 a.m. onwards.


A photocopy of the candidate’s birth certificate and the last academic progress report from the previous school, is a prerequisite to qualifying for selection.  The listed documents must be submitted on the day of selection.


Please note, candidates seeking admission to class Nursery are not subject to selection, nor are required to submit the required academic progress report. The Director will interview the candidate on the basis of his/her birth certificate. 


The outcome of the selection process will be declared the same day.


Successful applicants will be required to pay the 1st instalment for the academic-session 2018-2019 to ‘confirm’ admission


Please note:

Admission is granted strictly on merit and the Management’s decision stands binding. Influence by way of donations, gifts and middlemen, is viewed stringently, and automatically disqualifies a candidate.